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Invisalign - Clear Aligners

Invislign treatment

Invisalign® - a system of transparent plastic aligners resembling clear, thin gum shields that can be used to improve the alignment of teeth without the need for conventional fixed braces. A series of aligners is designed and made by a high-tech computer using the latest in 3D CAD. Each aligner is slightly different and worn for about two weeks before changing to the next aligner in the series; together they gradually mould the teeth into better alignment giving an improved dental appearance. Visit the Invisalign website for more detailed information at

  • Aligners are thin, transparent and surprisingly strong
  • Aligners are comfortable to wear and cause very little discomfort
  • Aligners are 'virtually' invisible, nobody is going to realise your are having treatment
Invisalign aligners
The clear Invisalign aligners are easy to insert and almost invisible

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Here is an example of a young professional female patient who had crossed front teeth and was unhappy with her dental appearance. Treatment required aligners for about 9 month to improve the alignment of the upper front teeth.

Before Invisalign treatment
After Invsialign treatment

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